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Rhythm is the Power

I’m sitting in the airport waiting for my flight to Las Vegas. Am I on my way to a conference or convention? Nope. I am on my way to see Duran Duran on their Red Carpet Massacre tour!

They’re playing two shows in Vegas, which will be my fourth and fifth on the tour. So far, I’ve seen them in Concord (where I had a front-row view, a woman made it on stage and grabbed Simon’s butt, and I got backstage to meet Simon, John, Nick, and Roger), Santa Barbara (to which I brought a different camera and also got to hang out backstage), and Los Angeles (where I got to do some celeb sightseeing and took some video).

I realize I say this a lot, but it seems that few people listen to me — if the Durans are performing near you, go see them! This show incorporates the costumes and electronica set from their Broadway run, both of which were great. The set and lighting is all new. The band is well-rehearsed and they’re clearly having fun every night — you will too! Just go already! (I’m tired of hearing that you wish that’d you’d gone!)

And for yet another teaser, here’s the U.S. tour promotion video:

Photos and videos from Friday and Saturday nights in Vegas now online, too!

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