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Mooninites Invade Boston

In Boston, some Aqua Teen Hunger Force light boards triggered bomb scares! Apparently they’ve been up in 10 cities for a few weeks, but only in Boston did they cause bridges to be shut down.

First, I’m sorry, but this seems ridiculous. Some one thought that light art, which to me wouldn’t seem any different than sticker or stencil graffiti (a la Andre the Giant or Radiohead or Space Invaders), might be an explosive device? Really?

Second, this has to become part of an upcoming ATHF episode. The Mooninites would demand it!

Third, looks like ATHF has gotten exactly what they wanted — a lot of publicity! The company they hired to create this campaign may get a lot of criticism, but they clearly did their job well!

The explosion shall be of extraordinary magnitude. Just hang on. -Ignignokt

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