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Blog for Choice

I wish that I had the time to more eloquently and more thoroughly explain myself on this topic, but I’m short on time today. What follows will have to suffice.

Before I start on why I’m pro-choice, I’d like to point out that today in Bismarck, North Dakota, the ND legislature is voting on three new bills to ban abortion and restrict birth control options:

  • HB 1466: Is a South Dakota style abortion ban. This bill would make abortion illegal in North Dakota if Roe v Wade is overturned; even in cases where the woman is the victim of rape or incest.
  • HB 1489: Bans the most common forms of birth control, depriving women of their full family planning options.
  • HB 1464: Scripts what doctors must tell their pregnant patients and prevents doctors from sharing their best medical judgment.

It’s enough to make me scream, as well as weep, for the women of North Dakota. I wish that I could be in Bismarck in person today, but I’m there in spirit. Please take action and send your pro-choice message to the ND legislature.

Why I’m Pro-Choice

  • I’m pro-choice because I believe women are more than baby-makers.
  • I’m pro-choice because I don’t believe sex is a sin or “dirty”, and I don’t believe its only purpose is procreation.
  • I’m pro-choice because my high school “sex ed” classes didn’t teach me a damn thing about contraception. Nor did anyone in my family.
  • I’m pro-choice because no contraceptive method is 100% effective and, even when used correctly, accidents happen.
  • I’m pro-choice because I’ve yet to find a doctor (OB/GYN or other) who can thoroughly explain how The Pill works and how I can be sure it’s effective.
  • I’m pro-choice because I know the panic a woman can suffer when she thinks she’s pregnant.
  • I’m pro-choice because I’ve seen how unplanned pregnancy can seriously interrupt or ruin a person’s life (and I speak of both the woman/mother and man/father, here).
  • I’m pro-choice because I don’t believe the “life” of an unborn fetus, which could not survive outside the womb, should be valued over that of a living, breathing woman.
  • I’m pro-choice because of the threat of sexual predators who may rape and impregnate a woman against her will.
  • I’m pro-choice because there are already too many unwanted and uncared-for children in this world, and I believe to bring another unwanted one in is cruel to that child.
  • I’m pro-choice because the “pro-life” community is devious, and blatantly misstates facts and spreads misinformation.
  • I’m pro-choice because I respect other people’s beliefs. I don’t necessarily agree with or understand them, so don’t impose them on me. My belief doesn’t impose on you, after all.
  • I’m pro-choice because I believe that people have the right to make choices about their bodies and lives, all by themselves, without the interference of the government or church. And to that end…
  • I’m pro-choice because I don’t want or need anyone making decisions for me. I’m a well-educated, mentally-competent human being. I don’t appreciate the government or anyone else thinking otherwise.

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