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Held Hostage By Allergies

Now that the Labor Day Weekend is coming to a close, I look back over the past three days and see that I accomplished… nearly nothing. It’s been a record year for pollen counts in North Dakota, and this weekend has been especially bad for me. Because I’ve been trying to cut my sugar and caffeine intake, I didn’t resort to any of my home remedies (like large quantities of Smarties and Coke, which, yes, actually works for me). However, this meant that, on what looked like a very nice weekend, I locked myself inside the house, with the air conditioner blasting, alternately ingesting antihistimines and decongestants and sleeping. Ugh.

Assuming pollen levels are lower at home, I can’t wait to get back to Philly this week for the launch of the Katharine Houghton Hepburn Center. Assuming my friends in Computing Services will give me wifi access for those two days, I’ll blog what I can from the panel sessions.

I did (almost) finish one thing this weekend… I finally got WordPress up and running on Meridian Afterburn. So future car-related posts will appear there instead of here.