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Darn, that’s the end.

Tonight’s loss against the Buffalo Sabers signals the end of the season for the . And while I would’ve liked to see them go out with a little more fight in them, I, personally, am not all that disappointed.

After missing a whole NHL season, we (all hockey fans) got a very exciting season. A team like the Flyers was bound to hit the bumps and potholes in the road early on, and various injuries only made things worse, but they kept trying. was a star, and we (Flyers fans) got to watch a bunch of very impressive rookies (like !). In fact, the biggest disappointment this season for me was that I was not in Philly to watch local coverage or to attend any games!

So, all I want to say to the Flyers club is this: Thank you for a good run this season. October can’t come soon enough!

Wake Up Philadelphia, and let me hear ya sing
The Orange and the Black
The Orange and the Black!

The Orange and The Black, by the Boils